Granex Industries Expands Showroom and Offices

Typically when people think of stone suppliers and fabricators, they think of concrete floors and dirty warehouses. And to be honest, until recently, our facilities were not far from that assumption. When the opportunity to expand the Granex showroom and offices arose, we knew we wanted our space to do more than the usual.

Any good designer would tell you that the space you live in should be a reflection of you. So we decided that our offices have to be an extension of the added service that we provide to our local network of 500 dealers. Our dealers are made up of designers, architects, contractors and builders—all of whom occasionally need a change of scenery, some quiet from their office drama, or just a place to meet their customers. With that in mind, our vision was clear: “mi casa es su casa.” We want all of our clients to feel free to use our new space as a second office. Beyond that, we want them to feel like they’re coming home, where they can find privacy and comfort: a homey kitchen, upholstered furniture, area rugs, gallery walls of artwork, natural stones and warm woods.

It’s a relaxing and calming environment. We now have two sitting areas, a meeting room, three large working tables, and a plethora of stone samples within arm’s reach. Our fridge is always stocked, our coffee is always hot, and the door is always open—come on in!