We’ve taken the guesswork out of slab shopping. With up-to-the-hour inventory updates, accurate slab dimensions and high-quality stone images, you can find exactly what you need. Access it all from the “Inventory” button on our home page. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

Main Gallery View and Search

Search by color, material (granite, quartz, dolomite, marble and more), slabs and remnants, finish (polished, satin/leather or honed) and price group (ranging from 1 to 22).


From the main gallery view, click on “SEE IN VISUALIZER” in blue underneath the right side of a small stone photo. This tool lets you create a unique, real-time stone preview in nine customizable room settings.


Once you select a stone, a pop-up page will appear with an image of the stone, all the stone details listed underneath it to the left, and then you will see this very useful set of buttons underneath the image on the right (highlighted above in yellow):

Measure this slab

Measure any slab in our inventory and see if a specific slab will work for your project.

Share this slab

Quickly and easily share this slab via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Houzz.


Click the heart to create a list of favorites.

Download PDF

Download one-sheet PDFs of your favorite stone images with all the slab details.

Bookmatch this slab

Bookmatch 2, 4 or 6 slabs together to see what your seams will look like.


Ask questions about any specific slab in our inventory with quick customer service. Once the slab inquiry form is submitted online, our dedicated team will respond within 24 hours.

View slider

Click the arrows to view all the slabs available in that color.

Have fun browsing!

If you have any questions, you can click the “Inquire” button on any stone detail page to reach a dedicated sales assistant.