The Granex PA Team

The Granex team in Pennsylvania is a small but mighty force. They each do their share of the heavy lifting—figuratively and literally. Amy, Office Manager and team leader, disparages her title and says, “There are no true titles. Everyone has to pitch in.” She unapologetically leads by example and continues, “I put on my boots and move loads, I’m climbing ladders, I’m out loading the trucks…You have to wear multiple hats.” Her leadership style is working. Brad, Inside Sales, stresses that their small size forces them to “do whatever needs to be done.” Chris, Template Technician, agrees, “We work as a whole unit out here, and each of us has more responsibility.” Mark, Install Assistant, says that they are the smallest, most communicative team he’s ever worked with. And Brian, Outside Sales, sums it up perfectly, “They go above and beyond what is asked of them.”

Their innate team characteristics of reliability, personal ownership and commitment carry through the outside too. Pennsylvania clients are some of our most loyal accounts because of the relationships that Amy and her team have built. Amy again shares the spotlight, “It’s not just me, we as a company stand behind our product and our services.” Amy’s right, it’s not just about one person. Shea Pacak, Granex General Manager, says “They are all about team and that’s what I appreciate most about my PA staff.”