Granex Installation Team

“Granex sets the bar when it comes to installation.”
“Every detail was taken care of.”
“The install went beautifully!”
“It was a pleasure working with the installers.”
“On time”
“True professionals”

Every single word above is unsolicited testimony from Granex clients, specifically about our installation team. For this Employee Spotlight, we couldn’t single out one specific installer because installation day is always a team effort. They literally do all of the heavy lifting to bring our product to fruition. Most natural stone distributors do not have their own installation teams. Granex takes pride in being one of the very few that also cuts and installs all of our product.

We consider our installation team the ambassadors of our business because they’re the last ones to work with the clients, and therefore the last ones to leave an impression. And by the sounds of it, these guys are definitely impressing people. We cannot thank them enough. Thank you especially to our lead installers: Calvin, Carl, Dean and Chris.